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The experience we have acquired during 25 years of business, combined with a passion for our work and state of the art machinery,
have enabled the company to achieve a leading position in the cardboard packaging and display sector.


Speed, along with quality of service and products are the features that characterize our company. 



To give shape to your ideas 

The values we believe in:

  • attention to details
  • competence and professionalism
  • flexibility and speed


The Rama Die Cutting Company originated from the insight of Vasco Rampacci.  It was in 1988 when, after many years of working in printing companies, Vasco and an associate decided to set up their own business offering a specialized service to the numerous printing works that were starting up in the Città di Castello area at that time, for the creation and carrying out of the cutting and creasing of paper and cardboard.

In the years from 2000, the growing importance of packaging in company presentation opened up huge opportunities to a die cutting company, which the second generation of the Rampacci family resolved to seize.  Between 2000 and 2001 Marco joined Rama and three years later it was the turn of Lorenzo to become involved in the family business.  These were years of major growth and important investments: in 2003 laminating machinery was purchased, 2007 was the year of a considerable investment in gluing machinery.  At the end of the decade, when the second generation went on to constitute the basis of the new ownership arrangement, the die cutting machines were updated, with an autoplaten (automatic die cutter).

In the near future the company, helped by the characteristic flexibility of the Italian PMI (Small and Medium Industries) and by the contribution of entrepreneurial energy of the new generation, has made the decision to consolidate its position in the cardboard packaging and display sector of central Italy with a further invigoration of its design departments and of all its support services, from commercial to packaging.